Our expansive facility and modern, updated equipment, combined with our implementation of Lean Manufacturing techniques, allows us to manufacture large volumes quickly and efficiently.


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Our Grain Bin Hoppers

Our standard grain bin hopper cones are currently available in 14', 15', 18', and 19' diameter sizes. And we now have our new 21' hoppers on the market. All hoppers have been designed to fit with major grain bin manufacturers' designs. Each cone is manufactured to the high quality standards expected from the Huge L Steel brand. The cones are ruggedly built and engineered to provide maximum support, capacity and stability. 


We can also build custom bins to meet any requirement you may have, such as: 16' diameter hoppers, hoppers without skids, special paint colors, and hoppers with varying leg sizes, thickness and quantity to meet specific requests.




We are also have the capability to manufacture 21' diameter hoppers.

Our skid and leg design is a superior high quality: the spacing between each 5 x 5" provides an excellent footprint for stability.


Manufacturing Our Grain Bin Hoppers



Our state-of-the-art facility is conducive to large volume manufacturing. All of our equipment is current, using the latest technology. This allows us to satisfy large order requirements within tight deadlines.






We incorporate all the latest technology and systems into our processes; such as Lean Manufacturing and continuous improvement programs.







One the advantages of working with Huge L Steel is that for a significant order quantity, we can customize your hopper to specific dimensions and thicknesses, depending on your needs.



For a customized number of hoppers, call us to discuss your specific requirements.