We have several options for you to choose from. We can also custom make hoppers to your exact specifications.


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Aeration, Inverted V Design



This aeration system is an economical design that has proven to work exceptionally well.










(Right: The inverted V design from the inside of the hopper)









Aeration: Tube n Rail Design


This aeration system has gained a great reputation in the last few years. Simply purchase a screened air distribution pipe to mount to our inlet pipe and you're ready to go!


(Right: View from inside of hopper)






 (Left: View of the inlet)



The tube and rail aeration system has proven to be an excellent design that gets outstanding results!







Internal Paint

We can apply an internal paint to make your grain flow more naturally; it will also minimize rust build up. However, due to the friction and force of the moving grain, the paint will wear off rather quickly. Consequently, we can't provide a warranty for this option.


Skidless Hoppers

If you already have a good base, such as cement, you may elect to keep your costs down by purchasing yours hoppers WITHOUT skids.



We will provide a small pad at the base of all our legs for hoppers without skids.