Main Features

Our hoppers are built to last. We use only our best 4P Paint System; you'll see why our hoppers are high-end products.


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Our Hopper Skids

For our 18, 19 and 21 foot hoppers, we use a triple skid with ample spacing between each tube to maximize the skid foot print and increase stability.



Compare our heavy duty skids with others on the market. You will see why our skids are considered one of the best!








Our leg design distributes the weight of the cone over all the skid tubes.















Call us now to order one of our "Special Sale" shown on the main hopper menu!


Our Hopper Legs

All our hoppers have an excellent "leg to diameter" ratio for increased strength.




Note the heavy duty size of the legs. Check out the leg specs located on the main hopper menu.













Our gusset design makes for a more appealing look as well as provides excellent leg and ring support. This design replaces our old angle iron style.






Fluted Wall Panels



Our current hoppers have a wall design that incorporates fluted panels.

Our next production run of hoppers will utilize the more standard cone style of wall.











Our Hopper Gate

Our current slide gate is a no nonsense pivot design that opens and closes easily with very few problems.


The mechanical lever of our gates allows for quick and easy use!








Our Hopper Bolt Pattern

Our hopper rings have a bolt pattern that mates with the most popular grain bins. Always ask one of our reps for the precise pattern so as to avoid difficult setups.


We use one of the most robust (thickest and widest) bolting rings in the industry!






Inspection Port



All our hoppers come with a lightweight inspection cover for our ports.






Wall Bracing



The base of all our cones are secured in place by a series of 1x1" tubing welded to our legs.