About Us

Facilities & Equipment

Our facility in Drinkwater SK consists on 80,000 sq ft situated of 9 acres of land. Our equipment is current and well maintained.


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Our Plant

We have 80,000 sq ft of production space situated on 9 acres of land.

Our shop has a great number of electrical services and overhead doors. The plant has been completely retooled for our industry.


Modern Paint Facilities

We have two paint rooms available for production.

Our large product paint shop is over 5,000 sq ft and completely explosion proof. Our small product paint shop is ideal for "one-off" requirements and small tank coatings.



Blasting Capability

We have both "on-site" and "mobile" blasting capabilities.

We use only environmentally sound slag as our blasitng media. It is also, in terms of employee safety, a great alternative to silica based media.


Lifting Equipment

We have an extensive list of hoists, monorails and cranes to meet most needs; in those instances where we need extra lifting capacity, we have a group of reliable companies that can assist us quickly.

As well, we have an abundance of internal and external mobile lifting equipment, such as, telehandlers and forklifts.



Miscellaneous Equipment

We have a wide range of welding machines (mig, stick and mobile), plasma torchs, acetylene torchs, plate rollers, tank rollers, swedger, and saws.

We are a very well equipped shop that only believes in having current, reliable and well maintained machinery.